Orthodontics At Victoria Park Dental Practice

cosmetic dental braces for straighter teeth in Glasgow

Invisible braces for straighening your teeth

At Victoria Park Dental, we know that not only teenagers want straighter teeth. Often adults would also like to have their smiles straightened, but think they’re missed their chance or are hesitant to wear ‘train track’ braces for extended periods. For this reason, in addition to traditional orthodontics, we are pleased to offer modern, short-term solutions.

Smileign invisible orthodontic aligners

Smilelign is an orthodontic treatment involving a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners. Each aligner is custom-designed for your teeth and will move your teeth in small increments, week by week. These are changed every two to four weeks until they have moved your teeth to the final desired position. The main advantages of Smilelign are that it’s convenient, as you can remove the aligners to eat and for special social or professional occasions, and it’s discreet, as the aligners are barely noticeable.

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