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Wrinkle softening treatment in Glasgow

Wrinkle softening

Dr Daniel Burns and Dr Helen Kelly have completed their training in facial aesthetics and can provide injections of botulinum toxin (the same naturally-occurring protein as in Botox) to reduce forehead and frown lines and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes. Anti-wrinkle injections can cause the muscles of the face to relax, resulting in smoothing out of wrinkles for a natural, rejuvenated look.

Lip Fillers can also be provided, dermal fillers can plump, smooth and define your lip area or balance the upper and lower lip to give a fuller effect or renew definition lost through ageing.

Daniel chooses BoCouture for his treatments, which will take several minutes and involve a number of small injections around the targeted sites. The process can take seven to ten days to take effect and usually lasts three to four months.


Recovery is immediate and you can go straight back to work, although you should avoid alcohol, flights or other facial treatments for 24 hours and avoid wearing make up on the area and exercising for four hours.

Wrinkle softening treatments cannot be carried out in pregnant/breastfeeding patients, those with neuromuscular disorders or those with known allergies to any ingredients.

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